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JAN O’CONNELL-SHAH: Pilates Mat Meets Kettlebells — IN PERSON

March 11 @ 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm



Want to be able to get up off the ground and back down again? Sounds good? Then this class is for you! In this 8 week course we will be utilizing a combination of Pilates and Kettlebells in progressing movement patterns to allow us to get up and back down again with ease. These skills will help us in the long run of LIFE! This class is a combination of pilates mat exercises, functional range control, and kettlebell work. Suitable for all levels.

— Monday, March 11 – April 29th 5:30-6:30 PM

— Class meets Weekly

LOCATION: In-person at Practice Human, 28 W 27th St, Room 704, New York City


This class series melds together the worlds of Pilates and Kettlebells. Two unique movement practices that, when combined, compliment each other and create a well rounded approach to movement and strength.

Are you a Pilates enthusiast, who’s been itching to add more strength training variety into your routine? This class is for you!

Do you enjoy the versatility and practicality of weight training with Kettlebells, but are interested in adding a unique twist to your regimen? This class is for you!

Are you someone who has wanted to try Pilates or Kettlebells, but have been unsure where to start? This class is for you!

Have you been practicing Pilates or Kettlebells, but would like a focused and progressive approach. Then this 8 week themed class is for you!


In this 8 week progressive series you will practice tools and skills to help you learn level changes between the floor and standing.  

You’ll learn the ultimate level change movement the Turkish get up which we will progressively work toward week to week.  

What goes up must come down! You will practice the Turkish Get down to return to the floor.  

This class is a combination of pilates mat, functional range conditioning, and kettlebell strength work. 

—Pilates Mat exercises will warm up and activate your trunk and core muscles to assist spinal and rolling movements while on the floor. 

—FRC function range conditioning isometrics will prime your hips for load bearing with kettlebells.  Ultimately to improve hip flexibility coupled with hip strength.  

—Kettlebells build upper, lower body, and core strength to help you get up off of the floor and back down again.  These skills are for beginner students wanting to explore kettlebells and strength training.

—This is the perfect combination of movement modalities to develop – skills, mobility, coordination, and strength to get down and up.

—Finally all of these skills will help us in the long run of LIFE! 


Join Jan for an exploration of skills needed to get down on the ground and get back up again! 

Did you know the ability to get down and up from the ground is a sign of longevity? This is a skill that begins to diminish with age – yikes!  Together let’s work on tools to improve agility and strength so that we can maintain getting down and back up again with ease.  Sounds good?  Then this class is for you!


— One time payment for the 8 week series: $480

— Class size is limited to 6 people

Cancellation policy: Full refund (less $50 processing fee) if canceled by Monday, March 4th 2024. After 3/4/2024 no refunds.


Meet Your Coach

Jan O’Connell-Shah:

Jan takes her client’s movement needs to heart.  She made the move from fashion to movement out of the desire to help others Move well + Feel good in their body without focusing on esthetics.

Jan works with her Clients to move their bodies efficiently developing increased mobility & strength which aids in injury management & prevention.

When Jan isn’t teaching, you can find Her in the kitchen, styling outfits, or spending time with her Pugs – Sophie + Bear

Find out more about Jan’s work at www.janoconnellshah.com.  And be sure to follow him on Instagram @janoconellshah.


March 11
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm