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Juniper Boggs: Movement Munchies — IN PERSON

September 20 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


This 6 week progressive class series meets once weekly

— Class Time: Fridays 1:00 – 2:00pm EST

— Class Dates: September: 20, 27 October: 4, 11, 18, 25

Join Juniper for a 6 week, small group strength training series

— Limited to 6 participants

LOCATION: In-person at Practice Human, 28 W 27th St, Room 704, New York City


Movement Munchies is designed for folks who feel unwelcome in traditional gym spaces due to their size, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability.  Appropriate for those new to lifting weights or those disenchanted by the traditional diet and fitness industry approach to health and fitness. 

Movement Munchies is for you if… 

— You are a beginner with weights and want to learn your way around the gym / how to use a variety of weight equipment. 

— You want to learn fun and challenging exercises that you can do in a gym or the comfort of your own home. 

— You’re looking for a gradual introduction to the basic movement patterns for building whole body strength. 

— You’re looking for an exercise class that is centered on strength and mobility instead of weight loss.

— You’re looking for an open, inviting and judgment free place to learn how to get strong.

— You’re looking to take a class with other folks who have similar experiences to you. Meeting and Training with new friends is fun! 


One time payment for the 6 week series: $375

— Class size is limited to 6 people

Cancellation policy: Full refund (less $50 processing fee) if canceled by Friday, September 13th 2024. After 9/13/2024 no refunds.




Hi I’m Juniper! I help plus size people discover the joy and benefits of exercise outside of its role in weight loss.

I have struggled with my weight the majority of my life; I’ve tried the restrictive fad diets and the “6 weeks to perfect abs” at home work out videos. Each attempt to lose weight and get fit ended in frustration and failure. While others seemed to gain energy from new diets, I could barely function. I dreaded going to the gym, because the environment always felt unwelcoming to someone of my size. Additionally I often didn’t have the energy to get through a single work out, and would crash immediately after. In always chasing the perfect body… whatever that is… my feelings toward diet and exercise became more and more hostile.

Everything changed when a friend encouraged me to join a HIIT class. This class was fun, energetic, and inviting. It showed me that movement can be a lot of fun, and in the proper setting, motivating and up lifting. Still there was a piece that was missing, and after every class I took, I’d crash and feel lousy for the next couple of days. Why was this? I realized that in my efforts to lose weight, I was overly restricting my calories. I wasn’t fueling my body enough to recover from the intensity of the work outs I was coming to enjoy. So I had to think about what it was I wanted… Did I want to be miserable tracking every little thing I ate in an effort to be thin? Or did I want to gain strength to be able to do all the things that make me happy like singing, dancing, acting, engaging with friends and family, and yes even exercising.

Once I started focussing on building strength and not losing weight, my life truly changed for the better. I had energy in abundance, motivation to work out, the mental and emotional space to be present with my friends and family, and am now able to do physical activities I never dreamed I’d be able to. I discovered that when I changed my focus from losing weight to gaining strength the whole world opened up to me. Now I’m on a mission to help folks discover for themselves the joy and benefits of exercise when it isn’t attached to the emotionally and physically taxing efforts of restrictive dieting. I want to show folks that when you change your focus from weight loss to gaining strength your health and fitness goals become easier and more enjoyable to attain. Come join me for Movement Munchies where I’ll teach you the basics of gaining strength, and help you gain the foundational knowledge to be active for many years to come.

Find out more about me at juniperjaye.com. And be sure to follow me on instagram @godisaqueerboy


September 20
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Practice Human
28 W 27th St
New York, NY 10001 United States
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